I’m an international student. What’s in it for me?

Currently, TA and RAships are assigned arbitrarily and are not guaranteed for any length of time over the duration of a course of study. Grad students, international or otherwise, do not know from one term to the next whether or not they’ll have a TA or RAship. The UGSW is in a position to negotiate contract language for successive TAships, which in union terms is the equivalent of job security. For international students this will give peace of mind once you’ve been assigned a TAship.

Under union representation, international graduate students holding TAships and RAships will be guaranteed fair treatment on the same level as all other students. Traditionally, international students are the most exploited group of university workers. Collective representation will ensure that you are treated with the same respect and extended the same rights as all domestic student workers.

Our 2010 ratified Collective Agreement included the creation of USGW–UNB Joint Committee on International Graduate Student Employees to to discuss issues affecting international graduate student employees.