Working Group for No Harassment, No Discrimination, & Whistleblower Protection

Current Members
Union: Brian Beaton (Co-chair; past Chief Steward), Anthea Plummer (Standing Secretary), Chris George, Shitangshu Roy

The Parties agree to form a joint working group to review Article 9 – No Discrimination, No Harassment and Whistleblowing Protection and make any recommendations for changes to it. The Joint Working Group shall consist of two (2) co-chairs, one (1) appointed by each of the Parties and four (4) additional members, two (2) appointed by each of the Parties.
This Joint Working Group shall determine its own process and shall have the authority to invite input from external specialists, such as but not limited to, the UNB Human Rights Officer and the PSAC Human Rights Officer.
The Joint Working Group shall not have the power to implement changes to existing provisions of the Collective Agreement. This may only be done through a written agreement of the Parties. Once ratified by the Parties, these changes shall be deemed to be part of the Collective Agreement. The Joint Working Group shall complete its review and make recommendations as quickly as possible.