Joint Committee for Intellectual Property Rights

Current Members



Whereas the Parties have discussed Article 22, Intellectual Property Rights, including Clause 2.01, during the negotiation of the second Collective Agreement;

And whereas the Parties acknowledge and recognize the uniqueness and complexity of intellectual property rights, including copyright;

And whereas the Parties recognize a need to continue discussions on Article 22, Intellectual Property Rights, including Clause 2.01, beyond the negotiation process;

The Parties therefore agree to establish a joint committee to discuss and make recommendations on potential revisions to Article 22, Intellectual Property Rights, and Clause 2.01, including but not limited to issues raised at the bargaining table.

The joint committee may make recommendations as it sees fit. Any such recommendations shall be non-binding on the Parties. The Parties will discuss any recommendations of the joint committee and may either agree to make changes during the life of this Collective Agreement or bargain the issues during collective bargaining after the expiry of this Collective Agreement.

The joint committee shall consist of equal representation. The joint committee will comprise of co-chairs appointed by each party and two voting representatives and such other non-voting members as parties shall find useful. The Committee will set its own procedures. This Committee will convene a meeting as soon as reasonably possible.