Welcome Post-Doctoral Fellows!

Dear Post Docs at UNB,

Welcome to PSAC 60550, a directly chartered local of the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

What's Going On?
We are pleased to announce that a large number of post-doctoral fellows at UNB will be joining the PSAC and entering into bargaining for a first Collective Agreement in the near future.
You will be using the UGSW Collective Agreement as a starting point, so it would be valuable to review it to see what does and does not fit your unique needs.
You can see examples of other PSAC Post-Doc Collective Agreements from Locals at Canadian Universities such as Queens, Western, Carleton, Laval, and Memorial to name a few.

Who's Involved?
The UGSW and PSAC staff will be assisting you every step of the way, but it is most important that Post Docs take the lead in supporting your own bargaining unit and selecting representatives to join the bargaining team, as you will be best suited to understand and push for the needs of your group.

Why Should Postdoctoral Fellows be Unionized at UNB?
Higher education is the most unionized sector in Canada and academic workers understand the importance and necessity of collective bargaining along with the security of being unionized workers. Across the country, the PSAC represents full-time and part-time teaching assistants, research assistants and an increasing number of Postdocs are also choosing to unionize in order to protect and increase its terms and condition of employment.

How Can You Get Involved?
Reach out to the UGSW Executive to meet and complete your Union membership card. We can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We can also provide further information about our Local, introduce you to the PSAC, the bargaining process, and connect you with PSAC staff involved. Find out about the benefits of becoming a full member and joining the bargaining team.

When Do We Get the Ball Rolling?
  On September 21st (time and location to be determined), the PSAC negotiator that has been assigned to negotiate your first collective agreement will be at UNB in order to elect a team, drawn from the members of the workplace (along with the PSAC negotiator), and will bargain with the employer about all the terms and conditions of your employment.  Once an agreement is reached, Postdoc members will be able to vote on whether or not to accept the contract.

Collectively we are stronger and with the Public Service Alliance of Canada’s experience with postdoctoral unions at other universities, an experienced team stands by your side in order to bargain what you want and need.  

In Solidarity,

The UGSW Executive