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Highlights of new Collective Agreement

PSAC would like to inform everyone that the Tentative Agreement for Graduate Student Teaching Assistants (GSTA) and Graduate Student Research Assistants (GSRA) as members of the PSAC UGSW Local 60550 was ratified after meetings on both campuses held Mon, Nov 21 and Tues, Nov 22.

Once the Collective Agreement has been signed off by the Parties we will share it.

While there have been numerous changes to the Collective Agreement some of the highlights are listed as follows:

Term:  From May 1, 2013 until expiry on April 30, 2021.


May 1, 2013-  0%                 May 1, 2014-  0%           May 1, 2015-  2.0%              May 1, 2016-  2.0%         

May 1, 2017-  2.5%              May 1, 2018-  2.5%         May 1, 2019-  2.5%              May 1, 2020-  2.5% .


-New mandatory and expanded Employment Contract Forms and Amendment Forms (B1, B2 ,C1 ,C2).

-Improved language in Article 9 Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment,, Violence, Abuse of Authority, Poisoned Work Environment, Whistle-Blowing  and Retaliation.

-MOU to continue work on improving language in Article 9 -No Harassment, No Discrimination and Whistleblowing Protection.

-Gender neutral language.

-Improved Union-Management procedures in many areas .

-Stronger Academic Freedom and Intellectual Property language.

-MOU to continue work on improving language on Article 22- Intellectual Property Rights.

-Provision of electronic version of the Collective Agreement on-line at both HR and UGSW websites.

-MOU-Establish a Joint Committee to discuss issues affecting International Student employees in UGSW and make recommendations to PSAC and UNB.

-Improved protection in relation to the effects of Technological Change in the workplace.

-Improved protection in relation to Discipline and Personnel Files.

-Improved Employee Evaluation Process and an MOU to establish a Joint Committee to continue to consider and make recommendations on a standard form for evaluations.

-Improvements to the Grievance and Arbitration Processes.

-Improvements to your Health and Safety rights and protections.

-Improvements to various Leaves: Bereavement, Court, Political, Sick, and Religious Observance.

-New leaves for Military Service and University closure due to weather or other unforeseen reasons.


The Negotiating Team of Joe Blades (UGSW Local President), Nigam Khanal (UGSW Chief Steward) and Larry Gagnon (PSAC Negotiator) recommended acceptance.

In Solidarity,

Larry Gagnon


Ratification Vote for UGSW's Tentative Agreement

PSAC is preparing to hold a Ratification Vote for UGSW's new Tentative Agreement. The dates are: 21 Nov 2016 in Saint John; and 22 Nov in Fredericton. Locations and times to be announced. Each session will include a brief review of the Tentative Agreement, and the recommendation of the Bargaining Team, followed by voting. Results will only be announced after the vote closes in Fredericton.

PSAC regulation 15C in the Constitution posted online at describes the bargaining and vote process that covers UGSW as a Directly Chartered Local.

We have been told that every dues-paying member in the three months prior to the vote is eligible to vote.

The PSAC-UGSW Bargaining Team has yet to see or be able to review an assembled Tentative Agreement from the many signed-off articles. Our chief negotiator Larry Gagnon said, yesterday, that we should be able to do this the week before the Ratification Vote. We request that all Sisters and Brothers in UGSW exercise patience and respect for our Sisters and Brothers as we, hopefully, come to the conclusion of this long round of negotiations for a new Collective Agreement.

In Solidarity!

Letter to UNB Board of Governors

from PSAC for UGSW:


Article from Daily Gleaner & Telegraph-Journal