Representatives Needed for Six Committees

With our 2nd collective agreement in place we are looking forward to creating the committees needed to strengthen our union and the supports offered. Three members are needed for each of these committees. Please review the descriptions below and contact us as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to volunteer or if you have further questions.

1 - Joint Committee on International Graduate Student Employees (discuss and ensure the needs of IS students are being met by the Union and UNB Employer).
2 - Working group to consider creation of an Employer-Employee Evaluation
Form (speaks for itself?); eight-month timeline.
3 - Joint Committee on Article 22-Intellectual Property Rights (primarily
ensuring Graduate Student Research Assistants are proportionately credited for their contributions)
4 - Joint Union-Management Committee (keeps the conversation going 
between graduate student workers and administration so both are aware of needs
and developments during life of the Collective Agreement)
5 - No Harassment, No Discrimination, and Whistle-blowing Protection
joint working group (we have 1 year as of signing to research and create an ironclad set of policies)
6 - Finance Committee (review UGSW finances as reported annually by Treasurer).